Monday 1 July 2019

Rossi Nails

Glam Dip Powders

Hi guys, hope you are well and had a good weekend. My was busy as it was my baby's 15th birthday and as we were spoilt with some gorgeous hot weather we had a fun family day in the garden.
Now back to reality with a week of reviews, starting off with the last 2 Glam dip powders from Rossi Nails. 
Two gorgeous shades of blue that go so well together, that I had to use them both to create a beautiful bling mani.
The lighter of the 2 is called Paradise, the other is Flirty.
I did a solid colour of Flirty on my pinky, then added so silver chrome pigment. My middle nail was a solid colour of Paradise, then did a kind of French nail look on my remaining nails, then added some striping tape and gems.
If you'd like to see me create this look you can watch my quick video on Instagram or the full video on YouTube.

From all the Rossi Nails Glam powders I can honestly say they are so nice to use, the dip powder liquids are great, some I've found dry too quickly, but not these. Another thing I've heard from a dip powder Facebook group is some people are getting snuffly noses and stinging eyes from other brand dip powder liquids, this has never affected me, and these dip powder liquids to me are one of the best I've tried. So yes I'd recommend all these items from Rossi Nails,  if your looking to expand or try dip powder.
You can also find them on Facebook and
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. I love how you experiment with dip powders! I’m really feeling these blues!

    1. Thank you, they are both beautiful colours x

  2. The colours are so pretty and your look is beautiful!