Monday 29 July 2019

Moyou Nails Fashion

Ethnic Stamping 

I'm super late with this post as due to the super hot weather last week, I didn't even attempt to try painting my nails, plus the heat and low blood pressure wasn't a good mix!
But I managed to finish the mani's for this XL stamping plate from Moyou Nails Fashion.
Ethnic 6 has some very pretty images that can be use many different ways. For all my looks I've also used polishes from Moyou Nails Fashion. If you been following me for a while you'll know how much I love these polishes for there versatility, from a base colour, stamping, gradients and reverse stamping.
For my first look, I stamped in black over a peach to purple gradient.

For a more classic and classy look, stamping in silver over black with a matte finish for an accent  nail.

Finally a colourful look using the zig zag image. I stamped the image and added the colour to each side then stamped onto my nails. Some placement wasn't perfect, but still a happy looking mani.
So I hope I showed how versatile this stamping plate is. And if you like the look of the Moyou Nails Fashion plates, use my discount code below and you could also check out my YouTube giveaway as I have 5 gorgeous plates in one of the prizes!
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Stay safe and much love......


  1. I love your idea for using the zigzag image! So fun!

  2. I love the peach to purple gradient! It's so pretty!!

  3. THis is a really fun place. I love what you did with the zig-zag pattern.