Wednesday 31 July 2019

Born Pretty Store

UR Sugar Holo Dip Powder 

Hello again, hope today is treating you well!
I have another absolutely stunning holographic dip powder by UR Sugar that's available over on the Born Pretty Store website. 
The pink from the same collection I rocked for a few weeks, as they are so gorgeous!
The blue is Shade 3  item number 46226, and though it doesn't look much in the pot, once it's on your nails its sparkles and twinkles beautifully. 
As I did a video for the pink, I decided not to with the blue, as basically the application is the same as any other dip powder. 
So here is cindy now rocking the blue.
I dipped twice as I already wear a layer of nude dip powder to protect my nails. The extra 2 layers of this holo blue doesn't make my nails over thick and gives perfect coverage.

Looks super in the shade, and comes alive in the sun!
There are many more beautiful colours to choose from and if you love dip powder and things that sparkle, then please head over to the Born Pretty Store website using the above link and treat yourself to some, remembering to use my discount code BABX31.
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Stay safe and much love.....