Wednesday, 5 June 2019

She Modern

Personalized Water Decals 

Just a quick post today as since last night I've had a really bad back ache, all due to me tearing a muscle in my back a few years ago. Every now and then it plays me up!
I have these very cute personalized water decals from She Modern, that I paired with some other foil water decals and a glow pink pigment.
Check out my video to see how I created this look.

You can find these items by clicking these links.
Personalized DecalsLine decalsRose decals  and Glow pigments.
These items all work so well together. Just incase you didn't watch my video, I'll quickly explain. Over a white base I applied some foil glue and when it was dry I added the pink pigment. Then the water decals. Protecting with a water based top coat.
I also stupidly forgot to take a glow in the dark shot! But was so happy how this came our and just how pretty it is. The personalized name water decals are just fab and a great idea.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. So cool! I never thought about personalized ones. I should get with my blog name!

    1. They are so fun and would make a great present 😊

  2. That is so cute you could have your name put on them!

    1. Yes and you can totally personalize them too!