Monday, 10 June 2019

Rossi Nails

Glam Dip Powder 

Hey all, I hope your weekend was better than mine! My poor 14 year old daughter woke me early hours Saturday morning saying she felt ill, and has been sick many times. Dam sickness bugs! I'm keeping her off school for a few days as it's really knocked the stuffing out of her.. 
Anyway for my review today I have some new items from a company called Rossi Nails.
I was kindly sent some of their dip powder, which they call Glam Powder, plus 3 of the 5 bottles of dip powder liquids.
If you check out my video review, you'll see everything I received. 
But for this review I used 2 of the glam dip powders.
This gorgeous pink is called Flamingo, the other may look white but is actually Clear.
As for the liquids, there are bottles numbered 1 to 5. You don't necessarily need number 1 and 5, as these are the 1 Primer and 5 Brush Saver. For me personally I've found even if I dont wear the primer the dip mani still lasts well, and if you clean the brushes you don't need the brush saver. It's all down to careful application. The bottles I received are the Essentials Starter Kit, which are 2 Base, 3 Activator and 4 Top.
So onto how this pink looks. Its absolutely stunning and so pretty. I dipped twice into the pink and once in the clear, then buffed smooth before adding the top, which gives a gel like glossy finish.
If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I just love dip powders, and been wearing them for the past 2 years. Great to protect the length of your nails, and really helped mine after my awful allergic reaction to gel.
The application is so easy, just prep your nails, apply base and dip, base and dip, base and clear, activate, buff smooth, activate then top.
These dip powders are just fabulous, nice size pots with 18g of powder, and the liquids are 15ml bottles.

You can also find, follow and like Rossi Nails on Facebook and Instagram.
I'll be here again soon with another 2 colours, till then stay safe and much love.....


  1. That is a nice amount of dip powder! It’s a great bubblegum pink!

  2. I like how this color looks like melted popsicles.

  3. Those look like decent size jars for dip powders! That pink is really pretty!

  4. So sorry your daughter has been sick! This shade is so vibrant for summer!