Monday 24 June 2019

Born Pretty Store

Tri Thermal Holo Polishes 

Hope you had a nice weekend. I'm here with a quick post on the last 2 Tri Thermal holo polishes from Born Pretty Store.
From the last one I swatched, I was hoping the thermal shift would be more noticeable. And as for trying to capture the tri thermal, I gave up! But head over to my Instagram to see my 2 videos on each of these I've tried today. 
The first is a gorgeous blue called Retro Tenderness.
Application was ok, though this polish seemed thicker than normal but I was able to work with it. The blue is a gorgeous shade and lovely sparkling finish.
This purple is called Grey Reed. Application was better than the blue as this wasnt overly thick. A sheer look with the first 2 coats, so I did 3 but still couldn't get the dark purple shade as shown on the Born Pretty Store website!
Overall these are beautiful polishes and finishes, and I'd like to try some more of the darker shades perhaps. Have you tried these?
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Both of these are so pretty and delicate! I think I would rock that blue for sure.

  2. Even with a meh formula, I LOVE this shift!

  3. These both look amazing on you! I really like the blue though!