Wednesday 12 June 2019

Born Pretty Store

Thermal Glitter Polish

I have the first of 3 thermal glitter polishes from Born Pretty Store. They are a tri thermal holographic glitter and so pretty.
Just a quick-ish post as I now have 2 poorly children! Oh and I slightly shortened my nails on both hands, I love them long, but they were getting a bit too long lol.
The first shade is called Sweet Morning.
It looks silver when first applied and rather sheer in appearance.
I applied 3 thin coats and it does look super pretty. It was super hard however for me to get the tri thermal to show like the pic over on the Born Pretty Store website.
I would see a hint of purple, and you can check out my quick video on Instagram.

Hopefully I'll have more luck with the next 2 colours in the collection, though they are very gorgeous polishes.
You can find Born Pretty over on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter.
Plus use my discount code BABX31 over on their website should you make an order.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. I really like the color but think the shift is too subtle. I always have a hard time with tri-thermals.

    1. Yes I thought so too. Hoping to have better luck with the others ♡

  2. It’s a subtle thermal but I like the base color enough so it doesn’t matter to me!

  3. Tri thermal polishes can be so tricky to capture sometimes! Regardless the colour is very pretty!