Sunday 26 May 2019

Nail Artisan Cosmetics

 New Indie Polishes

I don't normally post of a weekend anymore, but as I'm continuing on with the first reveal swatches for a brand new Indie polish brand from Alexandra at Nail Artisan Cosmetics, hello weekend!
Some gorgeous shades have been revealed already and I have another 2 today.
These polishes are hand blended, 10 free, cruelty free and vegan friendly in 10ml bottles.
The first shade is called Dawned on Me, a Multichrome Lavender polish that shifts to blue, green and purple. 
I started with I Give good Base, then swatched with 2 coats and finished with I Like it on Top. The application was so smooth and the finish is just fabulous!

I needed to see what a matte finish was like so applied 1 coat of Matte for It, and just take a look for yourselves. Its absolutely stunning!
Before I move on to the next polish, I quickly tried stamping with it and can announce it stamps perfectly. The top coat also doesn't smear stamping.
And this is the shade I stamped with. Called Lynn, a very seductive medium red creme, with almost a dusky feel to it.
Perfectly opaque in 2 coats, and so rich looking. Application again was so nice and these polishes seem self leveling.

Another sneak peek at Northern Lights topper aswell!
I have done a water marble and stamping test with all the creme shades I have, and will share these with you very soon.
These polishes will be available to purchase from the Nail Artisan Cosmetics website from 31st May, and you can follow and like over on
The cremes are £5.99 each.
The Multichromes are £7.99 each or the set of 6 £42.50.
Keep a look out for the next 2 shades I have ready to reveal!
Stay safe and much love....


  1. The shimmer in the purple is gorgeous. It’s a nice contrast against the base.

  2. The blue shimmer in Dawned On Me is stunning!

  3. Both of these are great and the fact that that they can watermarble and stamp are even better!

    1. Yes absolutely awesome Indie polishes 😊