Tuesday, 7 May 2019

EC Cosmetics

Air Dry Gel Polishes 

Today I have the last 3 Air Dry Gel Polishes that are also peelable from EC Cosmetics. 
I absolutely love the diamond shaped bottle and the colours are all so vibrant and just beautiful. 
They apply just like regular polish and look so smooth in these pretty creme shades.
This red is shade A019, and is so rich and luxurious.
The pastel lilac is shade number A025. Such a pretty Spring shade and very girly.
Lastly this is shade number A489. A vibrant juicy orange that's just perfect for Summer!

These all wore well and felt secure on my nails. Removal was easy and you can see this in my video. I really dont think they would just pop off, especially if your nails were prepared properly. I just wiped mine with acetone before applying these Air Dry Gels.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. Love a peelable polish! Also the bottles are cute! The look really smooth!

  2. I love peelable polish to put glitter over!

  3. These are all such lovely colours! Plus the peelable aspect makes them even more fun.