Tuesday, 23 April 2019

EC Cosmetics

Air Dry Gel Polishes 

Hey guys, hope you are well. So over the weekend my phone did a system update to the latest version of Android. Not only has it taken me some time to get used to the changes, my predictive text was completely wiped! Boo as it helped my write my blog posts...
Anywho, I'm back today with some more peelable Air Dry Gel polishes from EC Cosmetics .
Both red, but one has a shimmer finish and the other larger silver glitters. Check out my video at the end of this post to see how they apply and peel off.
First up is shade number A455, this is packed with shimmer and silver glitter which is dispersed nicely through the polish. First coat was a little sheer, but a second coat was fully opaque.
The other shade, number A537 is my favourite, such a rich colour and applied so easy. The finish is just gorgeous.
For drying time, and to help dry quicker I held my fingers in front of a fan. These peelable polishes dry a lot quicker than others I have! As to the peelable part, I only wore each colour for 10 minutes before removing, and although they peeled off easily, I should imagine that if they were worn for long, that they would peel off in one go. Check out my video to see what I mean.

You can find the full range of these Air Dry Gel polishes over on the EC Cosmetics website.
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I also have a code for you all, if you enter 'tbellew18' you will get $1 off your order.
Stay safe and much love......


  1. I like the second color! And wow, the bottle is so fun and funky!

  2. As interesting as the first colour is there is just something about the 2nd colour that is drawing me to it!