Friday 1 March 2019

Charlies Nail Art

Love Potion Nails

Ok so I'll admit my mistake! When I first saw these charms I thought they were baby bottles! It wasn't until I searched them on the Charlies Nail Art website that I saw they are actually love potion bottles! Although to be fair, my head was all over the place, so I'm here with an uber late Valentine's look, or basically a romantic look for an anniversary. Got to save myself somehow lol..
I paint my nails with a pink holo and added some black heart stamping. On my accent nail I stamped with script writing and applied a
Love Potion charm with top coat.
These charms measure 11mm x 6mm with a flat back and only cost 29p!
I suppose in a way you could actually incorporate these in with a look for a baby girl too!
You can find these charms and so much more on the Charlies Nail Art website and check out their FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Not forgetting to use my discount code BNM15!
Stay safe and much love....