Monday 18 February 2019


Stamping Gel 

It's my birthday! I will be doing some bling birthday nails later today, as I'm writing this post at 5 in the morning, blasted cats woke me up!
So today I have a new to me brand who kindly sent me a whole bunch of stuff to review, so thank you to Rosalind.
If you've been following me for a while you'll know I don't do gel, and haven't for a few years now. But I've always been curious about trying gel again. So with this in mind, what harm would a stamped image in gel do. 
I have 2 5ml pots of stamping gel in white and blue, I also used a stamping plate and clear stamper from Rosalind. 
You see in my video, that I had a few problems at first. Stamping with gel is completely different than stamping with regular polish. The white gel is super pigmented and the stamper picked up nicely.

I tried the blue on tips, and found the best way to stamp with gel. Instead of rolling the stamper to pick the image off the plate and then roll over your nails, stamp straight down to pick the image up, and straight down to transfer to your nails.
These gels are UV/LED soak off and I cured for 60 seconds with my cute pink LED pen. I had no issues, and protected my skin with liquid latex while stamping.
You can also find Rosalind over on Facebook,
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I'm off to make a cuppa now.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. Thanks for the review! I have been curious about stamping gel for some time. These definitely would give you more time to work, but don't seem as sharp as regular stamping polish.

    1. I think it's because I treated them the same as regular stamping polish, it's definitely a learn curve x

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful! I love that black and white stamping. I am still so hesitant to try gel just because I feel like I'll be one of those people that develops allergies.

  3. Happy birthday!! Are you okay with stamping with gel even with the allergies?

    1. Thank you, yes it seemed fine with no problem,but still hesitant as I don't want to go through all that again x

  4. That is a beautiful mani. I would love to try gel polishes for stamping