Tuesday 12 February 2019

Born Pretty Store

Bling Nails

Welcome back to my tiny part of the world wide web! Today I have created two very different looking bling nails. One that's very dainty and the other full bling overload, and a look I've wanted to try for ages.
I used these stunning Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store.
You get 3 all sorted colours, silver, rose gold and an off white. They have a flat back and are all one size of 2mm with a stunning AB cut, so the glisten and shine. Item number 42634.
So onto my spring time look. Stamped flowers in pink and white over the opposite colour base, and added rhinestones to the middle of each flower.
This adds an extra dimension to this mani.  Next up I used my Silver holo polish, and added the silver rhinestones to each nail apart from my ring finger. I completely blinged this nail! The effect was awesome in person, I would have liked to have filled all my nails this way, but used I whole segment just on this nail!
In the sun it was absolutely amazeballs!!
I applied the rhinestones with a water based top coat, and happy to say they didn't loose their shine or go dull.
If you like bling nails, I would definitely recommend this wheel. Use my discount code BABX31 over on the Born Pretty Store website,
and take a look at their FacebookInstagram
and Twitter.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. You're right, it looks fabulous out in the sun!

  2. I love the idea of using the gems in the middle of the flowers!