Wednesday 30 January 2019

Kaz Creations

Star Water Decals 

Writing this post at 10pm watching the snow falling outside! It's most relaxing, though I'm not looking forward to going food shopping tomorrow!!
Anywho back to today's post on these super pretty Star Water Decals from Kaz Creations. 

So if you watched my video, you'll see just how easy these decals are to use, and I just like how on each sheet of decals, you get multiple designs and in different sizes. 
If you didn't watch, I'll quickly explain, you need to cut as close as possible around each decal, hold in warm water for for 10 seconds, and slide off backing and apply to your nails. 
So here's the finished look from my video.
And to show how they look over a different colour base, here's another look using a different star decal.
So detailed and high quality, plus you can create and personalise a decal too, just visit Kaz Creations for details, and to check out the other great items too!
Facebook and Instagram are the other ways to check out Kaz Creations.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. Personalized decals?! That sounds awesome! The ones you’ve shared are beautiful!

  2. The top star decals are so pretty!

  3. Love these decals! I've been wanting to play more with the ones I have in my stash.