Wednesday 9 January 2019

EC Cosmetics

Gold Mirror Pigment

How's it going? I'm good, and plodding along with my reviews.
The weather is cold and gloomy, I'm just hoping we don't get any snow!
For my next review for EC Cosmetics I have 2 pots of Mirror Chrome Pigment. 
I'm splitting into 2 reviews and sharing the gold pigment first.
If you follow me, you'll know I apply pigments over regular polish, and already had my nails painted black. The finish is so smooth and shiny, and I'm super happy with the final look.

Watch the application in my video review below.
I lastly added some black stamped Autumn leaves.
All in all a great pot of gold pigment, and I can't wait to try the Silver Chrome next week.
Use my code tbellew18 to get 1 USD off your purchase over on the EC Cosmetics website, and check them out over on FacebookTwitter
and Instagram.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. The gold pigment is so pretty. I wonder how it would look over a lighter color!

    1. Thank you, if you watch my video I try it over the red peelable polish also from EC Cosmetics and it's looks fab x