Monday 31 December 2018

End of Year Post

My Nails through 2018

So here we are, New Year's Eve and what better time to look back through 2018 and my favourite mani's from each month.
I've only choose a few, as otherwise this post would have been too photo heavy!
So let's get started, and just wait till you see how short my nails where, and watch them get longer by each months photo..
January, these open water decals look fab on their own or coloured in.
February, so happy to have found a way to use pigments with regular polish .
March, just love the effect you can achieve using striping tape.
April, all ready for the warmer weather...
May, missed water marbling and love how these came out.
Rainbow water decals, also look great!
June, love me some rainbow dots!
July, definitely ready for summer with my freehand fruit look.
August, just when we thought football was coming home!
Milvart water decals are the best I've ever used, and just look stunning.
September, back to school with my freehand pencils.
Watercolour freehand flowers in memory of my Mum's birthday.
October, I did so many Halloween mani's, but these are my favourite.
November, freehand again, Lest we Forget.
Love the vintage look of this steampunk design.
December, again I did so many Christmas looks, but my freehand Christmas Day mani is my total favourite.
Freehand again inspired by Naio Nails, getting ready for New Year.
And finally to my very last looks of 2018. Cindy is rocking this gorgeous blue dip powder mani,
and my swatching hand is rocking this bling purple look.
Scrolling through each month and just seeing how much my nails have changed in both shape and length is amazing. I just love my nails atm.
Thank you so much for your continued support and I wish you all a very Happy and safe New Year, and here's to more nails in 2019!
Stay safe and much love....


  1. You have had so many wonderful manis!

  2. You always do such amazing nail art - I love it!

  3. I like your shorter nails! Also, loooove the pencil nail art!!

    1. You know everyone says they prefer my nails shorter! It's just me I think lol

  4. All beautiful designs! Your nails always look fabulous to me.