Thursday 1 November 2018

Saint or Sinner

Matte Nail Polish 

So here we are in November, I'm glad in a way as after all the Halloween mani's I did, I was starting to get fed up lol.
Today's polish is one I've had for a while, just not got round to trying it out. A gift from my daughter from a shop here in the UK called Primark. 
From the Saint or Sinner range this is called Full Moon. PS polishes have come a long way since Primark first started selling them, and at a great price too! This was only £2 for a 14ml bottle. I love matte polishes, but after trying this will stick to my matte top coat.
First application was so streaky, the 2nd coat was no better as it dries patchy. So I applied a 3rd coat and just look...
Wondering if a glossy topcoat would help, but no!
Such a gorgeous colour I was so disappointed but then thought what about a stamping polish. Happy to say it stamps perfectly, so not all is lost.
I will try again to see if I can get a smoother finish, but for now happy to use for stamping.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. That's too bad about the quality of the polish on its own, but it looks great used as a stamping polish.

  2. Matte finish polishes are so finicky. I do love the shade though - purples are my jam!

  3. Such a rich purple. And it stamps!

  4. Pretty color, too bad the formula was frustrating.

  5. Thats such a pretty color! Bummer about the formula!

  6. Wow, that formula! Yikes. At least you got a stamper from it. It's really pretty over that white!