Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Born Pretty Store

Peel Off Glitter Polish

Well hello again, slowly starting to receive long awaited nail mail, which brings me nicely into today's review. Glitter polish is such a pain to remove, that was until peel off base came about. Peel off polish is so fun, and great for kids too. So from Born Pretty Store I have a red glitter peelable polish called Winter Light.
I made a video review too, so you can see how this polish applies and removes. I do mention in my video that although this polish came off my nails, it's slightly more difficult as I wear dip powder. But I was still able to peel off and no need to use nail polish remover or acetone, which is always a good things, as it's kinder to your nails and surrounding skin.
I did find this polish a lot thicker than normal, but was still able to apply 2 coats, it did take a while for each coat to dry, and I did at one point use a fan to help dry quicker!
But as you can see it's a pretty shade and just the right amount of glitter. A perfect Christmas red. No topcoat needed, as to be honest this would beat the object of this being peelable, unless that too was peelable!
As always you can use my discount code BABX31, and these peel off polishes are available in many shades and finishes.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. This is a really pretty red--perfect for the holidays.

  2. Not impressed with the peel off part. I’ll probably stick with normal remover.

    1. Until I can stop wearing dip powder (once my natural nails are strong enough) I will try this again to see if the peel off is easier. I have found they seem to cling and stick to a dip base.

  3. It's very pretty! The peel-off would be very useful for chunkier glitters, I wonder if they're going to release those as well.