Thursday, 29 November 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Christmas Stamping 

Not sure if this week is going quick or slow, but I have no clue where I am!! Continuing with my Christmas nails, I'm back again with some more reverse stamping using a cute designed plate from Beauty Big Bang.
So many super cute images to choose from. I decided to create a winter scene. Stamped with Beauty Big Bang black and filled in the designs.
I let the polish dry and don't topcoat, I apply a thin layer of foil glue to my nails and then stamp the reverse decals on. I find this the best way to apply reverse stamped decals, and top coat once I've cleaned up the excess.
My base is a light pink to blue gradient with white tips to represent snow.
Added a final matte topcoat and just love how detailed each image is. Well etched and picked up perfectly.

As always you can use my discount code above over on the Beauty Big Bang website, if it's used 6 times then Beauty Big Bang will kindly host a giveaway with me over on IG and that would be fantastic! You can pay by PayPal and credit card with free worldwide delivery too.
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Your reverse stamping always puts me at awe of your precise technique! The stamping plate reminds me of the historical monument ornaments my local area releases annually.

    1. Oh how nice! Thank you, took a bit of practise to get used to doing reverse stamping x

  2. You created such a magical snowy scene!

  3. This is some epic reverse stamping. Go you!

  4. Wow this plate has everything. I even see paw prints and space ships!