Monday 16 July 2018

Vivien Kondor

Permeable Polish with Henna 

Another week full of reviews and a chocolate cake lol. I'll get straight into this post as I have a few photo's and wanted to explain exactly what permeable polish is.
This is the start of my reviews on another brand new polish collection from Vivien Kondor.
What is Permeable Polish?
It's a formulation that allows moisture and oxygen to pass through pores in the polish, making it permeable, kinder to your nails, breathable and more hygienic.
Advantages of Henna in polish.
If your nails are weak or split, henna helps to protect due to the Keratin in it, a protein that strengthens nails. When this polish is applied directly to the nail bed, it will help clear, prevent infections and stop any irritations.
These polishes are also 7 free so they don't contain any of the following.. Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphour, Triphenyl Phosphare and Xylene. They are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. Ok now that's out of the way, onto my first 5 swatches. Each done with no base or topcoat and 2 coats of polish unless otherwise stated.
HA01 Black Henna, HA02 Decadent, HA03 Gentle Grey, HA04 Pure White and HA05 Natural. These come in their own box and cost £9.99 each. 
Black Henna is a pure black with a nice shiny finish, as you can't use a topcoat it's nice to see a great finish.

I think Decadent is my favourite (so far) a nice gun metal/blue almost metallic finish. Oh and this was a one coater!

Gentle Grey is a beautiful mid grey.

Pure White was another one coater! And I nice crisp clean white.

Natural is a very beautiful neutral shade.

From doing these first 5, I'm very impressed with the colours, application, drying time and finish. I can't wait to try the others!
My discount is available for you all to use over on the Vivien Kondor website, and if you would like to see a permeable test, check out this Video.
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. I'll have to let my Muslim friends know about these polishes! I remember them talking about how nail polish wasn't permitted due to them not being halal.

    1. Yes, these have a certificate too which can be found on the Vivien Kondor website x

  2. I've not seen anything by this brand before, they look like they are great quality!

  3. Wow a one coat white that is impressive!

  4. Those two grey polishes look amazing!

  5. This is a totally new concept to me. So cool!

  6. I'm trying to understand the value of having breathable polish. Since nails don't need to breath, is this more for religious reasons? Sorry if I'm being daft, I'm a nerd/engineer so I like to understand things. :)

    1. More for religious reasons but I suppose the breathable part may helped very stained and yellow nails from regular polish x

  7. Very nice neutrals. This could be a big market for those who need a breathable polish.

  8. These all look really lovely, but I'm super stoked about a one coat white!

  9. Very pretty colors! I love when brands create permeable lines to be inclusive to their Muslim customers.