Wednesday 25 July 2018


Full Nail Water Decals

Hi guys, not the post I was planning on publishing today, but before I use my new phone around open polish bottles and acetone, I want to have a case and screen protector on it and still waiting for them to be delivered. 
So hopefully I'll have them tomorrow, for now though let's look at another 2 sets of water decals from Milvart.
I'm hoping this first photos with my new phone is ok, I'm still getting used to using it. Going from a 13mp to 16mp I've really noticed the difference, much crisper and clearer.
F164 are a silver holographic squiggle design, that also comes in other colours. Sadly I forgot these are kind of a foil look, and my top coat spoiled the holographic finish. But over a black base they still looked amazing. 

N977 are a dark but transparent base with rainbow stripes. I wanted to wear these in a different way and do a glossy vs matte look.

I'm not sure if I like how my fingers look with this new camera. As I said so clear and clean. I'll play around with the settings. But back to these water decals, they are both equally beautiful and another 2 sets of awesome decals.
You can check out Milvart over on Facebook
and Instagram.
Till next time, stay safe and much love.....


  1. I love the second look, such a fun way to use the decals. And your pics look awesome.

  2. The holo decals are awesome, at first I didn't think it was holo then I saw the second picture!

  3. These are both very cool Manis! I love how you get creative with your decals. The pictures look great!