Thursday 19 July 2018


Floral Water Decals 

One more early morning then the school term has finished for a lovely 6 weeks holiday. The weather has been glorious and here's hoping it continues. We haven't any holiday planned, but fun days out and family time in the garden will be had.
I have another 2 full nail water decals from
Milvart. Both of these are equally beautiful floral decals.
F186 is a pretty rose foiled decal that can be used over any colour base, N945 needs a white base to help the colour really pop.
For the roses I used a cream base to compliment the colours in the design. Was going to add a matte top coat but I liked the glossy finish.

With the next set I applied them slightly differently, as the curved cuticle part would mean the flowers would be facing me, so upside down, and that would really bug me lol so I turned them round. And finished these with a matte top coat and they look awesome!

Again both of these were super easy to apply, even the foil one. I really like how you can gently smooth out any creases or wrinkles to leave a beautiful smooth finish but without stretching or splitting the decals. Top coat doesnt spoil the colours and they just look amazing.
You can check out Milvart on Facebook and
Instagram and I'll have another review ready next week with another 2 stunning images.
Stay safe and much love....