Monday 25 June 2018

Vivien Kondor

Argon Care Polishes

Hey peeps, I'm here again with the next 5 Argon Oil polishes from Vivien Kondor. I'll get straight into this post as I've a few extra things to add. So to start off here are the colours I've swatched.
Continuing from the previous 5 these are
CL21 Fuchsia, CL22 Magenta, CL23 Crimson, CL24 Sangria and CL25 Blood Red. Ok so before my swatches I wanted to answer a question I've been asked a lot regarding these polishes.
'What is the benefit of the Argon Oil?' Well as Argon Oil is rich in vitamin E it's a healing nutrient which helps heal damaged cells on your nails and cuticles. It also helps the growth of new healthy cells, so not only does Argon Oil polish benefit your nails this way but they will also look stunning in any colour from this collection. As before all swatches are 2 coats and no topcoat.
CL21 Fuchsia is one stunning rich and creamy pigmented pink. Almost a one coater. As I was painting my nails with this colour I had and incling it was a dupe, but at a much cheaper price!

Slightly going off topic just for a second, but here's my comparison pic. Pinky and ring are painted with OPI Lisbon Collection No Turning Back From Pink Street. Can you tell the difference? What a great match and for £4.99 can't be missed!
Back to my swatches with CL22 Magenta another rich creme that did have a slight purple tone that no matter how many pics I took, my camera would just not capture.

CL23 Crimson is a bright pink with a bluey purple shimmer. So unique yet stunning.

CL24 Sangria is a deep burgundy red, almost a wine colour. So rich and creamy and highly pigmented.

Lastly CL25 Blood Red is a super bright bright red. I was like wowzers as I applied this!

Another bunch of stunning polishes. Great quailty and so nice to apply with the large size brush. They all dry quick to the touch and have a nice shiny finish even without topcoat.
You can use my discount code on any polishes you purchase of on the Vivien Kondor website and can keep up to date with their other new polish collections and other make up items by checking them out on FacebookInstagram
and Twitter.
Till my next 5 Argon Oil swatches, stay safe and much love......


  1. The fuchsia looks great on you, it's good to know it's almost a one coater, I wouldn't have expected that.

  2. Gorgeous shades! Blood Red is amazing!

  3. Beautiful colors! I love the first pink.

  4. I see many gradients in your future with these colors!

  5. I love all of these shades! Magenta, crimson oh my! Need them all!

  6. Holy cow, these are stunning!!! I love your previous swatches too. These would be ideal for my peeling nails.

    1. Oh for sure, the argon would really nourish them x