Wednesday 31 January 2018

Born Pretty Store

Holographic Unicorn Pigment

Well hello there! Just when I thought I was getting better I go and put my back out again! And I wouldn't mind I wasn' doing anything major at the time, just brushing my daughter's hair! Anyway, luckily I had already done my nails for this Born Pretty Store review. I have 3 holo pigment powders that are from the same collection that I was going to do in one post, but each is so stunning they deserve a blog post of their own!
Shade 4 is a beautiful purple pigment, and you get 0.5g of product. 
As with all my pigments, I applied this over regular black polish and my tacky base. Go check out my quick IG video to see how well I get this holo pigment to apply with such a smooth finish using normal polish.

Such a beautiful colour with such a strong holo quality in bright light, though even in low lighting it still is gorgeous. But just to show you all this beautiful holo-ness, out came my light box.
To protect the finish of these pigments I used this Water Based Top Coat. It's the best and only one I've used!
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Stay safe and much love....