Monday 22 January 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Floral Stamping 

Did you have a good weekend? Mine wasn't the best. I'm feeling much better but hubby is really bad and went hospital. Turns out he has a chest and throat infection! He has so many different medications to take, I've had to write myself a note so I don't forget. 
I really didn't think I was ever gonna get this review done, but a nice early start this morning and here I am with another square stamping plate from Beauty Big Bang.
Beauty Big Bang 16 is a stunning flower image plate with 3 full nail designs and 8 singular designs. I have also used these Black and
White polishes.
I really like how a few of the single flowers can be paired with the full nail ones. So that's exactly what I have done.
Leaving the full image plain and reverse stamped single flowers makes a unique look, as does the matte vs glossy finish.

For my second I made a rainbow gradient on all nails but leaving my ring finger white. Again making reverse stamped single flowers but this time I had a go at matching the rainbow gradient and think they came out really well. I just couldn't decide between a glossy or matte finish.

You can find all these items over on Beauty Big Bang website, plus lots more amazing items, and use my discount code TRAB10. You can pay by credit card or PayPal and free worldwide delivery.
You can also find them on FacebookInstagram
Twitter and Google+.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. my weekend was rough, too. One kid has the flu and the other is scared of the flu :(

  2. I'm sorry your husband is so sick. That's rough but hopefully he is on the mend. You're a trooper for even getting this done at all...and it's a gorgeous mani.

  3. Both are really fun and I equally like the b&w and the pastel rainbow!

  4. I love the singular flowers on the first mani!

  5. Beautiful!!! The rainbow ones are my fave.

  6. These are super pretty! I love floral images. I hope your husband gets better soon.