Tuesday 5 December 2017

Revel Nail

Marble Dip Powder Nails 

After the great reaction I got to my previous marble dip powder nails, I have done another this time using two colours from Revel Nail glitter dipping powders. Hope you are well and enjoy this post.
My two colours are Fancy (D84) a very pretty deep pink glitter and Marion (D50) a white glitter.

After preparing my nails I painted my first coat of the base and with a small scoop I carefully tipped some of the pink glitter, then the white. Did this a second time and then applied the activator. Gently filed and buffed smooth, activator again then finished with the top coat. This look is not a true marbled effect, and reminds me of clouds lol. But still a pretty way of using dipping powders.

These 2 colours work so well and my final look has some stamped snowflakes.

A great way to get an unusual yet festive manicure.
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Stay safe and much love...