Wednesday 20 December 2017

Nicole Diary

Square Stamping Plate 

Well hello again. Today I'm having a lazy one, my daughter finishes school for the holidays soon and going out with her friends, so I'm gonna play with the kittens for a while the snuggle on the sofa and watch Christmas films!
The next square stamping plate from Nicole Diary is very pretty indeed. 
ND 106 is a floral plate with 6 nicely sized designs. Perfect for Spring and summer and my 2 mani's are just right to brighten up the gloomy weather!
I used the full rose image and made a rainbow gradient stamped look over a white base and finished with a holo topcoat.
Another holo finish but this time also matte, and this almost tropical image is perfect for my rainbow gradient base.
I really love stamping plates like this and wanted to do so many more looks, but time wasn't on my side!
Just a few more square plates left to review from this collection that are sold in a bundle over on and Aliexpress, plus you can also find Nicole Diary over on Facebook
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Stay safe and much love.....