Friday 22 December 2017

Charlies Nail Art review

Candy Cane Nail Foil

Well this is it guys, not long to the big day! My daughter is super excited as is my granddaughter, I'm also feeling a lot better, still not 100% but much better than I did, so just the weekend to get through being as lazy as I can.....not!!
Almost done with my Christmas mani's but I have another using done nail foil from 
Charlies Nail Art. This Candy Stripe Foil comes in a strip that measures 13cm x 4cm and is only 39p.
Not any plain striped foil, and this holo touch is perfect and not in your face that it takes away from the overall look of the foil.
For an alternative look I used this foil over a black base polish. When completely dry I applied a smooth thin layer of foil glue. Once this was dry I applied the foil to each nail. It adhered really well, and looks so pretty.

I finished with a coat of water based polish to stop the foil from crinkling. There was enough foil left to do another mani, making it a great quality item to have. For this and other items, check out Charlies Nail Art website and use my discount code to receive 15% off your order.
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Have yourselves a great Christmas.
Stay safe and much love....


  1. Foils are so tricky! I can never get them to not crinkle.

    1. Same with me it just depends how you smooth them over your nails, but I too still get crinkles!

  2. I have never tried foils. They look intimidating.

  3. I still haven't tried foils! You make it look so easy.

  4. Foils scare me lol so I haven’t played with them

  5. Lol, I am scared of foils. I tried once, but didn't do it properly and just made a 5 years ago. I think it's time I gave them another go.