Thursday 23 November 2017

IZ Beauty of London

Snowflakes and Bling

Yay Thursday! I'm on full steam ahead and have kittens playing with my feet and climbing my legs whilst reviewing! The little bundle of trouble are super cute and so funny now. 
Anyway onto today's review for IZ Beauty of London. This is the first of two reviews, where I will not only be swatch polishes but doing some nail art with stickers. If you've not tried IZ Beauty of London nail stickers before, I'll quickly add here they are not like normal nail stickers. They are much thinner like water decals and lay flatter on even the curviest of nails.
These Gold and Silver Snowflakes are just so detailed and a great selection on sizes and designs. Model Behaviour is the purple and
Invitation Only is the silver holo glitter topcoat.
Model Behaviour is a deep purple gel effect polish. Application was smooth, and swatch with 2 coats and no topcoat.
You can see the awesome shiny finish these gel effects have. Onto the Snowflakes, which I placed random sizes in each nail in silver and one gold. I used Invitation Only as an accent. This polish has all sorted glitters, from tiny hexagon to silver strands, and even a few white glitters.
A perfect Christmas polish, and I wanted to see how it covered for a full nail look and not just a topper. So I applied one coat with the brush, then sponged in another coat for full coverage. I didn't add a top coat and was left with a slight textured feel. I was able to press the glitters in this smoother when the polish was almost dry.
It's so bling and was super hard to capture the true beauty. The snowflake stickers are on a clear backing and at first this is still noticeable when stuck into the dry base polish. But once I applied a later of topcoat, it seemed to dissolve, just leaving a detailed snowflake.
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Stay safe and much love....