Monday 20 November 2017

Born Pretty Store

Christmas Stamping

How are you all doing, and did you have a nice weekend? Mine was hectic as usual, between family and kittens I didn't know if I was coming or going!
So Christmas is getting ever closer and this stamping plate from Born Pretty Store has some gorgeous almost traditional Christmas designs.
BP-185 has garlands of hanging decorations, and full snowflake image and singular flakes, cute jingle bells and a very pretty yet simple Christmas Tree. The colours I used were inspired by the image over on the Born Pretty website. I just loved the non traditional colours and how the white stamping just popped. So I made a different gradient on each nail and stamped with Born Pretty white, then finished with Born Pretty Matte top coat.

Each image picked up cleanly and stamped perfectly crisp. I'm liking every design in this plate and the contrast between my colours and the white is just so pretty, for those who may want a different Christmas mani. Saying that though this plate has images that can be used not just for Christmas. The heart for Valentine's, stars for all year round and let's face it we don't just get snow in December!!
Please use my discount code above if you make a purchase on the Born Pretty Store website, and check them out on FacebookInstagram
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Pretty gradient! It's such a modern Christmas look.

  2. Perfect Little stamping plate for Christmas!

  3. I love your gradient background! This is such a lovely mani

  4. The gradient is so unexpected but I love it!!!

  5. Pretty mani, love the gradient and it's a cute little plate.