Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Beauty Big Bang

Nail Protectors 

Hello lovelies. Well my daughter's birthday was a great a fun day full of food, cake and laughter! 
From Beauty Big Bang today I have a pack of 10 Nail Protectors. These have been around for a while, but something new to me. 
I was dubious that they'd fit around all my nails! I found them so much easier than liquid latex, plus I could fit them closer to my nail making  any clean up even less.
Well here's my gradient stamped mani, and check out my video to see how easy these were to use, and have a laugh lol.

As always my discount code is there for you to use, with free worldwide shipping, why not treat yourself to something from the Beauty Big Bang website!
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. I've seen these before and was very curious about them. Really cool!

  2. I love the mani! I'm glad to find out these are for use only once. I had been wondering!

  3. LOVE IT! I may need to go order some now 😂

    1. Awesome! Don't forget to use my discount code ☺

  4. These look like they would be fun to play with!

  5. I have some of these and always forget to use them! Your mani is beautiful!

  6. I've been wondering if these are easy to use or not. I love your mani!

  7. I love those guards! They are so easy to use.

  8. I need to get my hands on some of these to try! I love that they're not sticky like latex so you can still grab stuff as you normally would while arting.

  9. Hi sweetie!You've done a wonderful manicure!