Friday 7 July 2017

Charlies Nail Art Review

Rainbow Animal Print

Wowzers! How quick did this week go... Happy Friday to you all and I'm back with my regular reviews for Charlies Nail Art.
I'll start first by saying go check out their new look website. It's amazing and so easy to navigate. 
Back to my review on these colourful rainbow nail wraps.
You'll also notice the new packaging too! These Rainbow wraps are extremely coloucolourful and pretty. For my mani I used 2 of the wraps and complimented them to accent nails. These wraps apply just like water decals, and I did paint my nails white but this isn't actually needed as they are on a white backing once removed from the thin card.

I love how this looks together and how detailed these rainbow wraps are.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. These are really neat. This has me wanting to do some animal print.

  2. This design reminds me of Lisa Frank!

  3. The decals are nice, but I really like the stripes you did on your pointer finger.

  4. I love how you tied in the decals with the stripes. This mani is cute!

  5. that is worthy of Lisa Frank!

  6. You are such an expert at using these decals!