Monday 17 July 2017

Born Pretty Store

Metal Series Polishes

To start off a new week and the last week of school here in the UK, then a glorious 6 weeks of family fun with my kids plus more time to review and paint my nails!! 
I have 2 polishes from Born Pretty Store 
new Metal Series. There are 5 shades in this collection and the 2 I have are Dragons Knight and Icy Castle, a metallic gold and blue, although I did ask for the metallic pink from this collection, you can't have too many gold polishes that stamp!
These were both very pigmented and easily one coaters, which makes me think they will stamp. But for now my swatches. Dragons Knight is a very pretty shade of gold, but sadly clashes with my skin tone.

Two coats plus topcoat. Upon applying this polish you will notice brush lines, which can ruin the final look of any metallic polish. These however disappear as this polish dries. You will also need a completely smooth base as these metallics will show any imperfections.
Icy Castle is a beautiful blue, and applied exactly the same as the gold polish above. Swatched with 2 coats and topcoat and such a pretty smooth finish. You can see what I mean about the brush lines disappearing.

And so to see if they stamp. I did have a few problems to start with. But after some practice I managed to create this mani.
On my video you'll see exactly how well these Metal Series polishes stamp using my creative shop stamper.

My discount code is above for you all to use over on the Born Pretty Store Website, and you can keep up to date with them over on
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Have you tried these polishes, if so what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.
Stay safe and much love.. ..