Wednesday 19 July 2017

Beauty Big Bang

AB Rhinestones

Well hello there! A few years back I would have never worn rhinestones as I would have just picked them right off my nails! But now I just love them and this post for Beauty Big Bang I'm showing you all this pot of Transparent Diamond Rhinestones. They are only £1.99 and you get a large pot of flat back gems.

They are a nice size, super bling and very sparkly. To pair these with an appropriate mani, I first painted my nails white, did a pastel vertical gradient and added some mermaid pigment. These rhinestones stuck firm and stayed in place with topcoat, and we're just the perfect item to finish this elegant mani.

This look would be awesome for a wedding, the bride or bridesmaids nails would look stunning, elegant and delicate.
You can pay by credit card or PayPal over on the Beauty Big Bang website, and free worldwide shipping, plus don't forget to use my discount code above.
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are all the places you can check out Beauty Big Bang. They have some gorgeous items, and not just for nails..
Stay safe and much love......


  1. Não gosto de usar, mas acho que fica bem bacaninha o resultado .

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  2. Everything about this is gorgeous! I just love how the rhinestones work with the base.

  3. Your base compliments the rhinestones perfectly! I absolutely adore this look.

  4. This is some iridescent goodness right here!! The gradient you did is perfect!

  5. I love this mani! Super pretty. I definitely need some unicorn pigment.

    1. I'm loving all pigments atm lol thank you x

  6. They're sooooo sparkly!!!