Thursday 6 April 2017

Vivien Kondor

Limited Edition Polish

Hello to you all, and do I have an exciting post today. Vivien Kondor are a London based company with a gorgeous range of nail polish and make-up. I have in the past swatched their polishes, and they are super pretty, come in colours and finishes to suit everyone, with fabulous coverage and quick drying time. 
So today I have a swatch of a limited edition colour, and I can say it looks stunning in the picture, but in person it is amazeballs!!
Cobalt Bright Blue is available on the 10th April and can be pre-ordered now for £3.99.
I was so excited to try this polish, as not only does it look awesome in the bottle, it's my all time favourite colour!  Swatched with 2 coats and Vivien Kondor top coat.

How stunning is the shade! A super bright blue creme that was beautiful to apply, dried nice and quickly with a pretty shine before topcoat.
If your a blue polish person then this shade is definately for you, and if so recommend it. You can find and follow Vivien Kondor on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. 
Stay safe and much love....