Thursday 20 April 2017

Polish and Swatches

Diego Dalla Palma 

How are you all doing? I'm great and steaming through reviews! Today I have 4 polishes I was sent to swatch and review. These Diego Dalla Palma are stunning pigmented polishes in large 14ml bottles.
Diego Dalla Palma are an Italian brand of cosmetics, and the quality of these polishes is amazing. The 4 colours I have are all swatched with 2 coats and topcoat. The larger brush makes applying these polishes so easy, able to cover my whole nail without touching any surrounding skin.
Red Passion is a super vivid bright red creme.
The finish of these polishes is totally smooth and shiny before topcoat. A nice quick touch dry drying time too.
Opera is also a creme in a dusky toned red wine shade.
Very true to bottle shade, and perfectly opaque in just one coat! A nice warm colour too, and not too vampish.
Cool Peony is a very girly Barbie Pink and a great Summer colour.
This one was slightly sheerer than the previous 2, but still opaque in 2 coats.
Lastly we have White House, a great staple colour and this is one of the best whites I've got. One coat and this polish was completely opaque!
A great base for nail art and water marbling, and a nice creme finish.
I then tried stamping. Some great and not so great results, depending on the base colour.
White House stamped great, but Cool Peony was very subtle over Opera.

Opera stamped nicely over Cool Peony, looking very delicate. But over white each of the 3 colours stamped and showed up well.
I like it when a polish is versatile, not sure if they water marble, That test is coming soon. You can purchase these polishes from Diego Dalla Palma and Marks and Spencers, and they were sent to me for an honest review.
Stay safe and much love...