Tuesday 11 April 2017

Polish and Swatches Part 2

Kiko Milano Power Pro

Following from yesterday's post, I have swatched today 3 polishes from Kiko Milano. These shades are all from their Power Pro collection, which is a salon quality polish with a smooth texture and a round shape brush which follows the shape of your nails making polishing much cleaner and easier. 
These Power Pro polishes are 11ml bottles, with a square lid that removes to leave a smaller cap.
First up is shade 46 Red Vibes (limited) a deep and luxurious wine red.
Such a beautiful polish to apply and the rounded brush did make it so much easier to cover my whole nail without touching any surrounding skin. A perfect one coater, but I always do 2, plus a top coat. A perfect creme polish with a stunning finish with or without topcoat.

Shade 10 Hibiscus Red is a moreomore Orange toned red, that's was hard to capture in a photo.
Another super creme shade that again could be a one coater. Drying time was fairly quick, the a simply stunning smooth finish.

Lastly shade 26 Pink Grey, a muted dusky pink shade. Even this paper colour was total opaque in just one coat! 
A very elegant neutral colour, perfect for any nail art, and a stamping base to test if the previous 2 red would stamp.

I wasn't disappointed! Just look how clean and crisp both red shades stamped. I also think Pink Grey would stamp too :)
3 absolutely stunning polishes, which also come in an assortment of different colours, priced at £4.90 each. Go check them out on the Kiko Milano website. 
These polishes were sent to me to review.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. I love Kiko. Their cremes are perfection. I can't get over how amazing that neutral is on you!

  2. I have 3 Kiko polishes, and they are all still untried. These look lovely.

  3. Girl yes, red is for sure your power color! I love it!