Wednesday 19 April 2017

Dipping Powder Nails

Kiara Sky 

Hello lovely people! Today I have the start of many reviews on the Kiara Sky Dipping Powder Kit and other coloured dipping powders. I received the starter kit and other items to review, all packaged well and delivery took 4 days from America! Speedy right...
The starter kit contains all you need in full size items.
Perfect as an alternative to acrylic or gel nails, and for me as I'm allergic to gel polish. This tray is especially for a French manicure , and a 2oz pot of Clear Powder.
The pots of coloured and glitter powders are all 1oz, and filled to the top. Kiara Sky stock a huge range of different colours and finishes, the ones I was sent are 4 creme and 2 glitters.
Pink SlippersIris and ShineSterling,
Skies the LimitRoses are Red and Cherry Dust.
For my nails I used Cherry Dust as an accent and paired it with Pink Slippers. I think these two complimented each other perfectly.
To start you prepare your nails by pushing back cuticles, and gently removing the natural shine. You apply the Bond to all your nails. Then working on 1 nail at a time, apply Base to 3/4 of your nail and dip into Natural Powder.  Applying the base again to the whole nail and dip into the the colour powder. A third coat of base and dip into the coloured powder again, to insure full colour coverage. One last later of base and dip into the Clear powder. This later is to protect the colour when you file and smooth the nail. Use Seal and Protect to dry all the layers. Now you can file. Once happy wash your hands to remove all dust particles. Apply Seal and Protect again and then 2 layers of Top, finish your new dipped powder mani with the Nourish Oil.
I made a quick video tutorial, so you can see the application better.

I wasn't expecting to love Cherry Dust as much, it looks absolutely stunning once filed and top coated. Pink Slippers is a very pretty shade, but I think I slight over filed, that's why 2 nails look lighter. An easy mistake to make, and one that you learn through practise with this product.

Even so I really do like this mani and love how these 2 dipping powders go so well together.
For my review next time I'll show you the French Manicure dipped nail. So be sure to come and check that out.
Many thanks for stopping by and as always stay safe, much love....


  1. Cherry Dust is the one that caught my eye in the photo! I love it!

  2. The dipping powders are such an interesting product. Looks like there is a learning curve with the filing, but yours turned out great. Love that shade of pink.

  3. Those are interesting. I would be tempted to give them a try.

  4. These seem like a great option for a super-long-lasting mani!

    1. Sure is or even as a base on your nails to keep them strong x

  5. I love your tutorial! I'm really excited about an option that isn't a UV gel system!

    1. Thank you, me too since my allergic reaction x