Saturday 16 July 2016

VB Line Gel Polishes

Swatches and Review 

Hello all again, and what a glorious day it is today. Blue sky, sunshine and nice and warm. My kind of weather! Recently if you follow me or read my blog, you would have seen my post on 3 gel polishes from VB Line. Well over the next few days I will be swatching and reviewing some more gel polishes from them. 
Today I have 2 glitters and 3 cremes. 
288 Silver Glitter, is in a clear base and packed with all different size silver glitters. This can be worn alone or used a a beautiful topper over another colour. 

031 Purple Glitter is a purple gelly base with different size and colour glitters. Looks so pretty, and would look awesome layered over white polish. 

471 Summer Orange is a beautiful almost neon creme shade. If definitely reminds me of freshly squeezed orange juice and was a breeze to apply. 

243 Electric Blue is absolutely stunning. Well it is my favourite colour!  So dreamy looking, just like the sky here today.

496 Hot Pop Pink is exactly as it sounds. A super bright and gorgeous neon pink. Just petfect for this warmer weather.

I applied 2 coats over a base coat, then topcoat curing in between each coat. The glossy finish is amazing as are these gel polishes. 
You can buy direct from VB Line website or search them on ebay. And why not check them out on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Also head over to my Instagram @tbellew18 to see these polishes in action! 
I'll be back soon with another 5 colours, so till then, have a great weekend and stay safe, much love....