Wednesday 6 July 2016

Square Stamping Plates

Moyou Nails 

Well hello again! Hope you are all good,  I'm great and so pleased to be sharing this review with you all. I have been working hard to get this post finished. With 5 different stamped mani's to show you all, this is my last review for a bit from Moyou Nails.
As always I have used Moyou Nails Polishes for stamping, and in some cases as a base polish too.
I double stamped white and a gradient colour the 2 different floral images from plate Plate 420 and added butterfly decals from Plate 414. They purplely/grey base is a perfect base for this spring mani.
I love this base stamped image from plate 421, stamped with dark green. The black flowers are from a full nail image on plate 433. I only took part on this image as I didn't want to cover the whole nail. Finished off with green rhinestones. 
This is one of my favourites, so cheery and colourful. The rainbow smooshing base made using Moyou Nails Neon colours and stamped with a full nail image from plate 420. This reminds me of a spotted water marble, and so easy to do.
I made the decals on my Moyou Nails stampers. The image is on Plate 420. I stamped with Moyou Nails Dark blue and painted over with the lighter blue, cut and placed on my nails. The contrast between the white and blue is gorgeous. 
And finally some more full nail reverse stamped decals. Again made on my stampers. I made a neon gradient stamp and painted over with black and white polish. The neons obviously pop brighter with the white than the black, but still a fun mani. This image is on Plate 420.
Phew!! I hope you've enjoyed these reviews on a different way to stamp, and for any of these platesand polishes, use my discount code below.
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Thank you so much for stopping by. 
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