Thursday 28 July 2016

Emily de Molly Stamping

Egyptian Nails 

Hi guys, wow I'm not only super busy with reviews, but I'm also looking after 5 kittens who are only 12 days old. And with the Summer holidays too I'm definitely being kept on my toes!!
Anyway I have today one of 2 reviews for Emily de Molly, an Australian brand and i received them really quickly. The first on a round stamping plate that I absolutely love.
EDM 08 has the prettiest Egyptian designs, both full nail and singular. 
The detail of these designs is amazing. I mean look at the tiny hieroglyphics!  Even though my nails are long, I'm still able to use this plate, with double stamping and a clear jelly stamper. I have done 3 separate mani's. 

How unique and fabulous does these hieroglyphics and Tutankhamun look over gold glitter.

I made decals of the sand and pyramids, and stamped the white clouds directly on my nails. I think I like this mani the best; on how I was able to take the image and adapt to my nails.

Lastly just to show you don't really have to do an Egyptian look I stamped with white over a blue sparkly gel base.
The images are etched really well and I'm loving this plate so much.
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I'll be back soon with my next review on a rectangular stamping plate. 
Stay safe and much love...


  1. Great review! All the manis are awesome!

  2. I adore that first mani, but the second one made me think of Super Mario Bros. 2 for some reason. haha

  3. I am super-obsessed with EdM plates! Your second mani literally dropped my jaw!

  4. Your second mani gives me life! Fabulous!!

  5. Gorgeous looks! I've been wanting to try these plateaus I'm glad to see they stamp so beautifully!