Friday 15 July 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Egyptian Nails 

When a received my latest bunch of goodies to review from Charlies Nail Art, I saw these beautiful golden Egyptian ladies, that I knew straight away what I wanted to try, and so glad I did as not only did I push myself to do freehand, but I'm super happy with the finished mani! 
You get 2 nice sized Egyptian Lady charms for 49p. 
You can see the underside has a slight curve, which for me is nice as the charm will lay flatter on my accent nail. So as a base I apply a very pale yellow toned white polish, and added lots of horizontal and vertical lines with a light brown acrylic paint. I attached the Egyptian Charm to my ring finger with matte topcoat. On my other nails I painted tiny hieroglyphics with black acrylic paint and the smallest of nail brushes. I have no clue what it says and will apologise now if I've offended anyone.

I'm so happy with how these came out, and one of the most intricate freehand mani's I've ever done. The hieroglyphics compliments this charm perfectly. And the matte finish is more realistic for an Ancient Egyptian look too.

If you too would like to recreate or try this charm then head over to Charlies Nail Art website and use my new 15 % discount code that is below. 
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Stay safe and much love...