Saturday 18 June 2016

Rainbow Nails

Showing Love For Orlando 

Hello guys, I'll get straight into this post as I've done 3 different mani's for a group on Facebook using the hashtag #rainbownailsfororlando. A great group with an amazing bunch of ladies all creating gorgeous rainbow nails. First up I made a Sharpie mani over a silver holo glitter. 
Super easy and yet effective, in the sun the sparkle was stunning. 
For my next 2 mani's I used these polishes from Moyou Nails, to create two very different looks.
On the backing paper you get with white labels , I painted some not so straight lines and when dry painted with white polish.

When dry I cut hearts with a paper punch, with the rainbow lines running in different ways. Placed randomly on each nail and top coated.
I love a matte finish atm, and think this looks absolutely stunning.
Lastly I made stamping decals with this rose image from UberChic Collection 1 plate 2.
I filled in each rose with a different colour, and stamped directly on my nails. I really like how the top made these look.

But couldn't help myself and applied a matte topcoat!

Love all 3 mani's, but the roses has to be my favourite. I'm also so glad to be a part of this group, to show love and support for Orlando.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. Excellent reverse stamping!!

  2. Oh, those colorful roses are lovely!

  3. These are fantastic! The roses are my favorite too!

  4. I wish I'd had time to do a rainbow mani as well :( These are so beautiful - you never fail or disappoint with nail art!!

    *I deleted my earlier comment because one typo made my comment sound really awful! :P