Saturday 9 April 2016

Magnetic Gel Polish

Magnetic Nail Art 

The weekends here again! Hi to you all, I've got a busy weekend so just a quick post today. Have you got anything planned? 
After seeing some gel mani's with magnetic polish and a magnet pen. As I couldn't wait for delivery of a pen from eBay,  I board a kids magnetic drawing board from my local pound shop and used the pen from that!
I did find however this pen seemed to work better with normal magnetic polish. With the gel I had to almost touch the polish for the magnet to make a pattern. So I might order one from ebay to see if there is a difference. 
I did stripes on one hand and spots on the other with a blue magnetic polish.

For a first attempt it's not a bad look. I will try again and also do a comparison post with normal magnetic polish.
Have a great weekend and till next time stay safe and much love....


  1. Gel magnetics are on my list of things to try!

    1. They are a must :) I need more in different colours lol x

  2. Love the effect, I don't have any magnetic polishes but I think I need to get some!

    1. I'm glad I got some as the look can be so unique x