Wednesday 20 April 2016

Lady Queen Review

JQ Stamping Plate Review 

Hi all, I'm back today with my first of 3 reviews for Lady Queen. I was sent 3 different stamping plates, and today's one is from the JQ range sold on Lady Queen's website. JQ-L18 is a rectangular plate with 14 full nail and 7 single images. 

There are some very pretty designs on this plate, and only one singular image was etched so finely that after multiple times I still could get it to stamp clearly. All the other images are etched and stamped well.
For my review I have done 2 mani's using different full nail images and 1 mani with 2 of the single images.

The vertical rainbow gradient suits this gorgeous swirl design so well. I really like how this one looks. The flowers for my next mani would make a great colourful decals, but also look stunning stamped over this pretty pink polish. I like both the glossy and matte finish. Finally I made decals for my last look. And applied them with foil glue over a silver holo glitter base. This one looks absolutely stunning in the sun.
This plate is perfect for amazing stamped nail art, if you like it too then use my 15% discount code below. Click the picture to go to website. 

Lady Queen can be found on
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  1. I am in love with the swirly designs on that plate!

  2. I have a couple plates to review and I'm looking forward to it so much! This plate looks awesome. Lovely review!

  3. I love the looks you came up with and adore this plate!

  4. Your stamping is always top notch!

  5. This plate looks so nice! I am in love with your manis, especially the first gradient!

  6. The swirl design is insane! so pretty

  7. This is a great plate! I have one with a lot of these images, but not that swirl image which is the best!

  8. This is a great plate! I really like the swirl mani!