Friday 22 January 2016

Charlies Nail Art Review

Full Nail Water Decals 

Today's review for Charlies Nail Art is on some very easy to use Full Nail Water Decals. I think these are one of the quickest ways to get a beautiful mani. These Brown Plait water decals are only 99p on Charlies Nail Art website and come in various different designs. They are great for long or short nails.

As you can see you get 14 different sizes for all your nails, you could even use these on your toes!
I cut out the ones that fitted my nails and held them in warm water. I find that works better in the colder months.

 They slid from the backing really easy.
They would have fitted my nails before I filed them shorter (due to having to patch a nail for a split) so even if you have short nails you could cut the decal in half for 2 nails....result!

Cut the excess with scissors and cleaned the rest with acetone and my clean up brush. Top coated and done.

No need for a base colour, just base coat to protect my nails from the water when applying the decal. So simple yet a stunning look and way to get beautiful looking nails.
For these or anything else on Charlies Nail Art website, use my discount code below to get 10 % off your order.

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Stay safe and much love...


  1. I always fuss too much with the full nail decals 😕 I have a hard time fitting them to my nail. Must practice more! The rope design is really fun on these!

  2. These look great on your nails! It's an awesome way to get an intricate look on your nails without a ton of work.

  3. These look awesome!! I thought you did like advanced stamping or something!

  4. Saw these on FB this morning, had no idea they were water decals!

  5. These look fabulous and easy to use!

  6. I love these. Water decals make nail art so easy especially for lazy people like me.

  7. I love water decals. These are lovely.

  8. These look great on your nails! Water decals can be so easy to use sometimes lol.

  9. These look great! I love decals!