Monday 23 November 2015

Moyou Nails Review

Square Stamping Plate 

Hi all, I'll get straight into this post as it's the start of my in depth reviews on the new Square stamping plates from Moyou Nails. My post quickly describing these 14 new plates can be found here
Plate 400 is the first in this collection. All these plates come with a white backing measuring 6.7 X 6.7 cm, the images on the plates range from 0.5 x 1.5 cm to 1.5 x 2 cm.

The images on this plate are really pretty. The sqiggly image reminds me of a water marbling design, the straight lines made me think of The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon's Doppler effect! So many ways this plate could be used..
Using Moyou Nails Black Polish I stamped each image on paper, just look how well etched they are and stamped perfectly.

 Even on the Moyou Nails Stamper.
And so to my first mani with this plate, black stamping polish and I chose the squiggly image. I had green holographic foil on my nails and this is the finished look after stamping. 

I had to double stamp my nails, but with the way this image is, it was super easy to do. Love this look so much!
For my next mani I have done a simple monochrome, there is something about black and white nails and with the image I stamped from the plate it looks super pretty.

My nails are slightly shorter as I have a patched nail on my cindy hand and wasn't taking any chances with my swatching hand. Double stamped again, and was really easy to match the pattern, really like the simplicity of the as it looks stunning.
For my third and final mani with this plate, I have gone really colourful and made stamped decals coloured in with Moyou polishes.

I love this image, how they look like individual flower's but they actually aren't! Again believe it or not I had to add extra bits of decals to the tips of my nails, but as this plate is full of optical illusion designs, it made it so much easier.
My first impression of this plate is that's it's amazing, and I'm so looking forward to reviewing the rest.

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Join me next week for plate 401.
Stay safe and much love...


  1. That last mani you did is amazing! So colorful

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    1. It's a great stamping plate to work with. Thank you :)

  9. So fantastic! But I'm absolutely mesmerized by that first mani you did. Incredible green!

  10. It's plate is so lovely. Loved all manis you created with it. Great review

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