Friday 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse Nails

Super Moon Equinox

Just a quick post today showing how I did my nails for the Solar Eclipse. The last one we had here in the UK was in 1999 and was a total eclipse and I remember it well! I'm not sure if this ellipse made the electrics act weird but I had got my Mum in here stair lift and was half way down the stairs when it stopped, and this was at the same time as the full eclipse occurred. I ended up had winding her the rest of the way down, which she thought the hilarious!!
Anyway today's is only a partial eclipse and I have painted my nails accordingly.
I started with a silver holo base.. 

And topped with Claire's Silver glitter holo.

Using french tip guides I sectioned parts of my nails. Making each one slightly bigger each time. I'm freehand painting my pinky nail.

Leaving my thumb as it is I painted the taped sections with Nails Inc New York Noir, taking the sticker off right away to get a clean line.

Top coated and done!

A great and easy look to mark this amazing lunar experience. Hope you like it to, and stay safe if you are going to watch the eclipse.
Thanks for stopping by, and till next time stay safe and much love...

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