Thursday 26 March 2015

A2Z Nails and T is for


So here we are again with another A2Z and I loved doing this one, even though I'm not one for a textured nail look. I have done a Quilted mani using 2 awesome colour polishes that I have fallen in love with! I'm not one for light coloured/nude nails but these polishes are so so pretty.
Revlon Pale Cashmere is a sheer polish and took 3 coats to get my base look.

Next I cut loads of striping into small strips, and stuck diagonally on my nails as so..

Although I worked on one nail at a time,  I stuck all the bits of tape on ready. With Beauty UK Grit FX  in Kensington, a beautiful creamy looking polish that goes so well with Revlon Pale Cashmere, I painted over the tape, and when happy with the coverage I pealed the pieces of tape off.

When this was dry I added some Rose Gold Micro beads in the spaces were the tape overlapped.

I love the look of both of these, but think the micro beads add an extra touch.
The last letters in the mani are proving to be tricky, but I'm sure I'll come up with something lol.
Till next time, stay safe and much love...

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  1. Wooow, that's such a gorgeous nail design! Amazing!

    Kisses, Kali

  2. beautiful! you have so much patience!!!

  3. LOVE THESE! AWESOME JOB! I need to try this technique sometime, although striping tape and I are known enemies.

    1. Thank you. I get what you say about striping tape, thank god for tweezers!! X