Saturday 25 October 2014

Patchwork take 2!

Looked better in my head...

Yes it most definitely did! Hello all again, for today nails I envisioned a black and orange halloween patchwork nail art. Painted my nails black, made small squares and lines with white paint and coloured over them with orange polish and added stitches in white. To say it was a fail is most true, and it looked better in my head than on my nails, I took a photo just to show you...

This is with no topcoat, but just didn't look right. So off it came and then I had know idea what to do, just knowing I wanted to try another halloween patchwork. Then it came to me...

Painting my nails white and added random shapes with these three polishes from Beauty UK, the patchwork was done. Added black tiny stitching detail and finished with Beauty UK Matte topcoat.

I think the matte finish makes this patchwork design look much better than a glossy finish would. I will have one last Halloween nail art for the day itself, so check back to see what I do..

Have a fab weekend and stay safe, much love...


  1. I love your patchwork nails hun they are always colourful and pretty good job :) xx

    1. Thanks hun, got something special planned for my last halloween mani x